Cookies, Bow Ties and Bourbon Balls!

Here’s the scoop on a really fun event we’re hosting on Saturday, April 19 at the store.  Hope you’ll find time to come see us!

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Looking for a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle?

We love fine clothes and bourbon in Kentucky.
The clothes are accessible and readily available — particularly here at The Fashion Post.
The bourbon… not always so much.

Here’s an interesting read from Insider Louisville on the scarcity of one of our favorite brown waters:

Incidentally, if you can’t find a bottle of Pappy at your favorite store or watering hole, we’ve got fun merchandise in the Pappy tradition; Pappy & Co. T-shirts, hats, flasks, bar glasses and more in stock at The Fashion Post!

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Gonna miss Jack

My friends can all tell you which Kroger I prefer because they lament that I never leave my zip code – 40207.

Louisville is a terrific city with so many amenities but I’ve gotta tell ya…I love St. Matthews.  Grew up nearby and have lived in the city limits for nearly 3 decades.

That’s why the senseless murder of Kroger employee, Jack Combs on November 23 behind the Kroger store – my Kroger store – is incomprehensible.Jack

Jack died leaving work at the end of his shift Saturday night – at the end of a gun – at age 34.  He began working at Kroger in high school, possibly before the nice fella who bagged my groceries tonight – was born.  If you know the store, Jack was around when Kroger and Target were next door to one another!

Jack was a good kid and a really friendly man that everyone liked.  He rose through the ranks at Kroger to become head cashier.

He and I were friendly before another friend, his father (Jack), drew the connection.  I immediately understood where Jack, the son, got his relationship skills.  Apples don’t fall far from trees!

Tuesday I left work early to tend to of a few things before Thanksgiving.  One of my errands included a trip to Kroger – my Kroger.

Once there, I intentionally sought out some of my employee friends including Tom and George (who was uncharacteristically wearing a tie because of Jack).  We talked about what happened.  There’s something therapeutic about that.  I looked for my friend John, too, but he wasn’t there.

Went about my business and recognized a handful of employees but began to notice that  many were unfamiliar.  Turns out, so their regular employees could pay their respects at Tuesday evening’s visitation, Kroger brought in staff from other stores to cover – just two days before Thanksgiving.   Many appeared to be seasoned management.

I hadn’t planned to visit Highland’s Funeral Home (was just gonna write a note) but after leaving my friends at the store I decided to go and, boy, am I glad I did.

Mr. and Mrs. Combs were surrounded by friends and family but the takeaway is that Jack had another family; his Kroger family – and they weren’t leaving.  Co-workers, current and past, lined up and waited almost an hour to express their sympathies to Jack’s parents and to share their grief with one another.

Retailers/service personnel are a rare breed that most of us take for granted.  They carry our bags to our car, hold an umbrella when it’s raining, help those who cannot reach and tolerate unspoken ingratitude’s for our benefit.

Kroger has assembled a great team in their St. Matthews store and they’ll continue to do great work.  But the customer service counter won’t be the same without Jack.

Jack was a great guy! Those of us who knew him won’t forget him and will always miss him.

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We know we’re eating well but, fellas, will we be dressing well?

Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans… that cranberry thing…

Everyone knows what’s on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner but what are we supposed to wear?

That depends almost entirely on where you’re going but wherever that might be the common denominator is that this is a special day for family and friends that requires at least a little thought.

If you’re in Louisville and heading to Churchill Downs (a really fun day, by the way) or your local country club for dinner prepare to be a little dressed up.  Sport coats and ties are the order of the day.

Pull out that nice tweedy sport coat.  This is the occasion it’s been waiting for!  And those wool dress trousers (tan or grey) that you save for special events… this is that special event.  Save your cotton khakis for ball games and pizza!


Remember that tie you bought to go with your sport coat?  Wear it!  The folks at the store recommended it specifically for that coat and it will look better than any other tie in your closet.  Is it worn out or tired?  Throw your coat in the car and return to the store (or The Fashion Post) for help finding a replacement.  This is important, guys.    The convenient tie reflects the effort.  The right tie completes the outfit.

On the other hand…Thanksgiving at Mom’s or Grandma’s tends to be a little more casual.  Jeans and sweats are “generally” shunned.  Remember, guys… this is a special occasion.

Trousers should be clean and pressed.  Wool dress trousers are a very nice touch but cotton khakis are totally acceptable.  The fun thing about Thanksgiving is it marks the beginning of the holiday/winter season.

That means sweaters — weather permitting!  photoQuarter-zip models are the most popular right now.  BUT… not the logo one you wear to the stadium or the one with the swoosh you wear to knock around.  Consider a tailored, knit – cotton or wool.  Even if it’s only mom’s house, Thanksgiving (and mom’s efforts) deserve something special.

One more thing…  Those pants – and your belt — be sure they’re not snug before dinner.  You don’t want anything interfering with your appetite!

Happy Thanksgiving!

photos courtesy

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Why Every Man Needs a Sport Coat (Other Than a Navy Blazer)

Here’s an interesting perspective on Sportcoats from our friends at StyleBlueprint Louisville with a little help from our own Bob Bayersdorfer.

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Bourbon. How it’s done!

Here’s a really fascinating article on the origins, history and making of fine Kentucky bourbon from Gentleman’s Gazette!  Props to our friends at Heaven Hill and Brown-Forman for being mentioned as premier distillers! 

Bourbon Savvy?? Louisville native??  Comment if you recognize the author!

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Summertime and the Pricing is Reduced!

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to be confined to your lake house with a cool drink and no air-conditioning required… you might know that Summer merchandise is on sale at men’s stores across the country — and The Fashion Post is no exception!

tn_fbposttrunksHave you ever admired the fella down the hall who always seems so much more comfortable in his summer weight suits and sportcoats?  This is the time to invest in seasonal clothing without the bite of regular pricing.  Poplin and seersucker are inherently inexpensive but on sale… they’re a bargain.

So you don’t wear suits and sportcoats?  Why not freshen (and brighten) up your wardrobe with some new summer sportshirts?

If your shorts are a little ratty or if your swim trunks have been excessively chlorinated now’s an ideal time to replace them, too!

Better stores (like The Fashion Post) will alter sale merchandise at no additional charge — further enhancing the savings.

Like it or not, stuck in the heat or not… Summer is here and so are the savings.  Go see your local haberdasher today!

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