How to Tie a Bow Tie!

Louisville, Ky  April 24, 2014
By Bob Bayersdorfer

If you’re looking for instructions or a YouTube video it’s not here.  Sorry if you were misled.   Got your mind set on a video?  Here’s one we like from our friends at Britton’s in Columbia, SC

To learn some first hand insight into the intricacies of what makes a good bow tie, read on….

It’s Kentucky Derby time in Louisville and the must-have item for gents at Churchill Downs this year (before a mint julep) is a bow tie.

At The Fashion Post we’ve been selling and teaching the fine art of bow tying for more than 55 years and the common denominator with a good bow tie is QUALITY.

The Tri-Fecta of a QUALITY Bow Tie:IMG_2511

  • QUALITY silk, cotton or linen (never polyester or a blend)
  • QUALITY innards (the inner-linings you should be unaware are there) and
  • QUALITY make and shape

At The Fashion Post this season we’ve opted to select only the finest bow ties available from only two vendors; R. Hanauer and High Cotton who make the absolute best QUALITY bow ties available in their price range ($50-$70).  Perhaps there are equal or better out there.  If you’re there, we welcome your solicitation because we haven’t found you yet.

Bow ties at The Fashion Post have soft, pliable inner linings that you wouldn’t even know were there.  They’re hand-made and then hand pressed with steam and a professional touch that creates a soft, rolled edge; never flat or boardy.  We’ve opted to omit the “popular” or “trendy” brands with critters, sailboats or fish (they all look alike to us) because we’ve been there, done that.  Our buyers have hand selected the most intelligently colored and exclusively designed patterns  — colorized for this season.

Whether you’re a veteran or a novice frustrated with “getting it done”… when you begin with the tri-fecta, your bow tie will have a personality, character and style all its own.  You’ll receive comments, compliments and quizzes like “did you tie that yourself?”tn_IMG_2500

So if you need a lesson on how to tie a bow (and YouTube isn’t doing it for you) or if you’d like a bow tie to express your personality that you can be proud to say “I tied this myself”, come visit us at The Fashion Post where every member of our staff is competent in the art of tying and is expert in teaching how to tie the perfect bow tie.  And, like so much of what we do, it’s complementary — whether you bought it from us or elsewhere!

One more thing…  be sure to ask us about the special technique to create the perfect bow.  You won’t find this anywhere online!!


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