The Power of Bills (khakis)

     So…this fella comes into The Fashion Post in Louisville yesterday with the biggest smile and expression of relief you can imagine.  He nearly got down on his knees to announce how happy he was to find us.
     Ya see, after we relocated our store to Lime Kiln Lane 3 years ago — he had been to our former location and — with a vacant storefront and no sign announcing our whereabouts…. he thought we’d closed.  Gone.  Out of business.
     Of course, nothing is further from the truth.  As it turns out, he was happy to learn, The Fashion Post is alive and well (and living in a different suburb)!
     Here’s the funny part.
     This guy is an admitted Bills Khakis fanatic.  He practically lives in them.  He wears them to work under his lab coat every day and acknowledged that they suit his needs when he dresses up for an evening out — even at the hoidy, toidy places!
     For fear that he’d never be able to replace his favorite pants he’s been RATIONING his remaining wearable pairs so as to prolong their serviceability.  Seriously.  The pair he was wearing were fraying at the bottom.  He was nearly at the end of his cuffs, so to speak.
     To his delight (and ours) he re-loaded his inventory with several pair of Model 2 pleated twills and – what he hopes to become his new favorite – 2 new pair of Chamois Cloth.  (If you love Bills and haven’t had a pair of these — you oughta give them a try.  Soon!)
     So… at the end of the day… another very satisfied (and very relieved) Bills Khakis customer is served!
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