Am I wearing the right size shirt?

Gitman Bros.  Shirts, Finding The Perfect Fit

Exact neck and sleeve fit has been the standard at Gitman Bros. for decades and continues today.

Fitted Dress Shirts
Quote startTrying to sell dress shirts that don’t really fit is a symptom of what is wrong with the dress up men’s business.Quote end

Ashland, PA  December 16, 2011

Gitman Bros., dress shirts continues the tradition of the exact neck and sleeve measurements. Gitman has long been the standard bearer of exact fit neck and sleeve on our American made dress shirts. This is long after makers, even good makers; all over the world have abandoned the idea. What we don’t know is why?

“The new magic for specialty sellers is not to be less special it’s to be more special,” said John Minahan, president and 25 year veteran of Gitman. “Trying to sell dress shirts that don’t really fit is a symptom of what is wrong with the dress up men’s business. We understand the budget constraints of our business, but should this overwhelm actually making a shirt fit a customer?”

After all, there is nothing more uncomfortable than a shirt with sleeves too long or too short. The side by side button cuff closure, theoretically helping the fit, does nothing more than bunch layers of shirt fabrics under the coat sleeve. Remember a “32-33” is truly either one or the other, it can’t be both! All our stock dress shirts are exact inch sleeve fit, which will bring to you the most comfort and elegance in your daily dress.

Gitman Bros. “Worlds Finest Shirts” are manufactured with the finest fabrics in Ashland, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Available at the finest men’s stores around the world including The Fashion Post in Louisville, KY 

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