Why Dressing For Success Leads To Success


New research shows that when workers wear nicer clothes, they achieve more.

Some wise tips from The Wall Street Journal             Feb. 21, 2016 10:05 p.m. ET


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Our Best Event of the Year!

Whats in store this fall!

Whats in store this fall!

Check out the details of our Anniversary Sale as published in The Courier-Journal.
Come see why this truly is Our Best Event of the Year!


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A Bow Tie is a Bow Tie — NOT!

BowTieImage2015     Have you ever spotted a fella across a room and thought … “now there’s a guy who shouldn’t be wearing a bow tie?”

For years men’s magazines, blogs and books on style have pondered bow tie wearers. What sort of personality wears them best? Can men with long faces and tall bodies pull them off? Do not so tall pudgy guys look like Humpty Dumpty? And so on….

The fact of the matter is… if you have the desire to wear a bow then there’s absolutely no reason not to.

But here’s the trick… You MUST wear a quality bow tie because wearing a cheap bow tie is where most men fail.

There is so much more to a properly tied and worn bow tie than the print, color or design. The real key to a great bow tie is the tie’s materials, shape, and make.

You’ve seen the guy who looks like he’s wearing a pre-tied, out of a crackerjack box bow. His tie has no flexibility, no personality and is flat and pointy.

Then there’s the man who is comfortable in his tie and looks like he wears them all the time and has for years. What’ya bet – his is a quality bow?

So how do you identify a quality bow tie? Start with the skin. Is the material soft, natural (silk, cotton, wool or linen) and pliable? Are the patterns or stripes tasteful with stylishly coordinated colors?

Then check the shape. Traditional bow ties are 2 ¼” wide with an inverted triangle shape at each end. Larger or smaller bows may not be appropriate for all users and each emits different character.

The most important ingredient of a quality bow tie is the make which is easily tested. Gently grab the front and back of your tie. Do they separate? If so, this is a well made tie with a floating inner lining. This type of tie is more difficult to create, is almost always handmade and will bend, roll and dimple creating a tie with life and personality. Unless you want to be “that guy who shouldn’t be wearing a bow tie”…avoid bows that do not separate or that feel rigid, stiff or boardy.

Wearing a bow tie does require a bit of self-confidence. But fear not. After receiving the first couple of compliments on your dapper look… you’ll be beaming with assurance and looking forward to the next opportunity to wear a bow tie!

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25 Tips to Dress More Elegantly

This is a terrific blog we follow regularly.
Our points of view differ on occasion but Sven nails it this time.
You should consider this must reading if you’re a susceptive gentlemen seeking fashion guidance.


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Job Opening at The Fashion Post

Position filled 11/10/14.
Thank you for your interest!

   The Fashion Post has an immediate opening for a permanent part-time employee.  Position is ideal for those seeking a flexible 3-4 day schedule in a professional, upscale working environment with no nights or Sundays.

Please visit http://www.thefashionpost.com/images/job_opening.pdf for complete details.

Candidates should have an interest in all aspects of running a small business with robust regard for customer service.

Previous experience in menswear not required.  Comprehensive training is included.  Candidates with visual merchandising and social media skills are encouraged to apply.

Concerned this job isn’t for you?  Please share this opportunity with others you believe might be interested including friends, co-workers, empty (or nearly so) nesters, children living in your basement and children living in your friend’s basement!

For additional details please visit:


For consideration or questions please email bob@thefashionpost.com or contact the store (502) 423-6700.

The Fashion Post is a locally owned and operated retailer of specialty menswear in Louisville, KY.  Established 1959.

Glenview Pointe Shopping Center
2420 Lime Kiln Lane Suite F
Louisville, KY  40222


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Here’s a quick read from our friends at Pappy & Company… the family behind Pappy Van Winkle and Old Rip Van Winkle bourbons.

Pour yourself a couple of fingers and enjoy!



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How to Tie a Bow Tie!

Louisville, Ky  April 24, 2014
By Bob Bayersdorfer

If you’re looking for instructions or a YouTube video it’s not here.  Sorry if you were misled.   Got your mind set on a video?  Here’s one we like from our friends at Britton’s in Columbia, SC  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJv4Qh7zR3E

To learn some first hand insight into the intricacies of what makes a good bow tie, read on….

It’s Kentucky Derby time in Louisville and the must-have item for gents at Churchill Downs this year (before a mint julep) is a bow tie.

At The Fashion Post we’ve been selling and teaching the fine art of bow tying for more than 55 years and the common denominator with a good bow tie is QUALITY.

The Tri-Fecta of a QUALITY Bow Tie:IMG_2511

  • QUALITY silk, cotton or linen (never polyester or a blend)
  • QUALITY innards (the inner-linings you should be unaware are there) and
  • QUALITY make and shape

At The Fashion Post this season we’ve opted to select only the finest bow ties available from only two vendors; R. Hanauer and High Cotton who make the absolute best QUALITY bow ties available in their price range ($50-$70).  Perhaps there are equal or better out there.  If you’re there, we welcome your solicitation because we haven’t found you yet.

Bow ties at The Fashion Post have soft, pliable inner linings that you wouldn’t even know were there.  They’re hand-made and then hand pressed with steam and a professional touch that creates a soft, rolled edge; never flat or boardy.  We’ve opted to omit the “popular” or “trendy” brands with critters, sailboats or fish (they all look alike to us) because we’ve been there, done that.  Our buyers have hand selected the most intelligently colored and exclusively designed patterns  — colorized for this season.

Whether you’re a veteran or a novice frustrated with “getting it done”… when you begin with the tri-fecta, your bow tie will have a personality, character and style all its own.  You’ll receive comments, compliments and quizzes like “did you tie that yourself?”tn_IMG_2500

So if you need a lesson on how to tie a bow (and YouTube isn’t doing it for you) or if you’d like a bow tie to express your personality that you can be proud to say “I tied this myself”, come visit us at The Fashion Post where every member of our staff is competent in the art of tying and is expert in teaching how to tie the perfect bow tie.  And, like so much of what we do, it’s complementary — whether you bought it from us or elsewhere!

One more thing…  be sure to ask us about the special technique to create the perfect bow.  You won’t find this anywhere online!!


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Cookies, Bow Ties and Bourbon Balls!

Here’s the scoop on a really fun event we’re hosting on Saturday, April 19 at the store.  Hope you’ll find time to come see us!


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Looking for a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle?

We love fine clothes and bourbon in Kentucky.
The clothes are accessible and readily available — particularly here at The Fashion Post.
The bourbon… not always so much.

Here’s an interesting read from Insider Louisville on the scarcity of one of our favorite brown waters:


Incidentally, if you can’t find a bottle of Pappy at your favorite store or watering hole, we’ve got fun merchandise in the Pappy tradition; Pappy & Co. T-shirts, hats, flasks, bar glasses and more in stock at The Fashion Post!

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Gonna miss Jack

My friends can all tell you which Kroger I prefer because they lament that I never leave my zip code – 40207.

Louisville is a terrific city with so many amenities but I’ve gotta tell ya…I love St. Matthews.  Grew up nearby and have lived in the city limits for nearly 3 decades.

That’s why the senseless murder of Kroger employee, Jack Combs on November 23 behind the Kroger store – my Kroger store – is incomprehensible.Jack

Jack died leaving work at the end of his shift Saturday night – at the end of a gun – at age 34.  He began working at Kroger in high school, possibly before the nice fella who bagged my groceries tonight – was born.  If you know the store, Jack was around when Kroger and Target were next door to one another!

Jack was a good kid and a really friendly man that everyone liked.  He rose through the ranks at Kroger to become head cashier.

He and I were friendly before another friend, his father (Jack), drew the connection.  I immediately understood where Jack, the son, got his relationship skills.  Apples don’t fall far from trees!

Tuesday I left work early to tend to of a few things before Thanksgiving.  One of my errands included a trip to Kroger – my Kroger.

Once there, I intentionally sought out some of my employee friends including Tom and George (who was uncharacteristically wearing a tie because of Jack).  We talked about what happened.  There’s something therapeutic about that.  I looked for my friend John, too, but he wasn’t there.

Went about my business and recognized a handful of employees but began to notice that  many were unfamiliar.  Turns out, so their regular employees could pay their respects at Tuesday evening’s visitation, Kroger brought in staff from other stores to cover – just two days before Thanksgiving.   Many appeared to be seasoned management.

I hadn’t planned to visit Highland’s Funeral Home (was just gonna write a note) but after leaving my friends at the store I decided to go and, boy, am I glad I did.

Mr. and Mrs. Combs were surrounded by friends and family but the takeaway is that Jack had another family; his Kroger family – and they weren’t leaving.  Co-workers, current and past, lined up and waited almost an hour to express their sympathies to Jack’s parents and to share their grief with one another.

Retailers/service personnel are a rare breed that most of us take for granted.  They carry our bags to our car, hold an umbrella when it’s raining, help those who cannot reach and tolerate unspoken ingratitude’s for our benefit.

Kroger has assembled a great team in their St. Matthews store and they’ll continue to do great work.  But the customer service counter won’t be the same without Jack.

Jack was a great guy! Those of us who knew him won’t forget him and will always miss him.

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